Council of Additional Educational Programs

in the Field of Russian as a Foreign Language

The Council of the educational program is a new expert body for external evaluation of the quality of education, created to increase the education efficiency, control the quality of program implementation, and formulate a development strategy. The powers of the Council include the presentation of the requirements for the content and program implementation, examination of educational and methodological documentation, proposals for entrance examinations, as well as recommendations for improving and promoting the educational program.

The Council meeting is a platform for the open exchange of views between teachers of the educational program and employers. The objective view of the invited professionals allows us to improve the educational process, adapt educational programs in accordance with the modern requirements of the labor market and prepare high-class, sought-after specialists. The Council of Additional Educational Programs in the Field of RFL includes leading foreign and Russian scientists and employers’ representatives, who propose the format of entrance and final tests, formulating the requirements for the teaching staff and the set of teaching subjects.


Meetings of the Council