Migration Registration


You need to file the documents for residence registration within 7 days of the entry into the Russian Federation



Migration Card

In the customs control zone you have to get a migration card with a stamp confirming your arrival in the Russian Federation, where the purpose of travel must be only "education".

The migration card blank sheet is issued on board the international aircraft, at the airport building or at the passport control points.

The migration card is an important document, based on which the notification of migration registration and a multi-entry visa are issued.

A foreign citizen must keep the migration card throughout the entire period of his stay in the Russian Federation.


Notification of Migration Registration

Migration registration at the place of residence confirms the legality of a foreign citizen’s stay in the Russian Federation.

You can conclude the enrolment contract and start the course only having the notification of migration registration. For receiving it, your passport with a visa and migration card are needed. Migration registration is carried out by the General Administration for Migration Issues of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Foreign citizens obtain the notification of migration registration at the place of residence by themselves.


It is necessary to read in advance the rules of stay in the Russian Federation

To read the rules


Please, do not book tickets to the Russian Federation before you obtain the invitation from SPbU

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