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Возвращение в аудиторный формат обучения
Возвращение в аудиторный формат обучения

March 15 th, 2022


St. Petersburg University is continuing the acceptance of foreign citizens' documents for the Russian language courses. Today these programs are in great demand.

The reason for this demand is a team of professors. Dmitry Viktorovich Babushkin is a senior lecturer of the Department of Russian as a Foreign Language and Its Teaching Methods of SPbU.

According to Dmitry Viktorovich, after lifting coronavirus restrictions more and more students are returning to the University:

"Students from different countries study in the Russian language programs, but most of them are from China. They are deep, motivated students: in future they are planning to study at Russian institutions of higher education, and, of course, they are interested not only in the Russian language, but also in the history and culture of our country.

What better place to learn them, than in St. Petersburg, the cultural capital of Russia?! My favorite city, the city of Peter the First, Pushkin, Tchaikovsky, and Akhmatova, is always present in our classes.

We speak about the landmarks of St. Petersburg, its history, admire the music and pictures, born here. Now more and more students are coming back to the University after lifting coronavirus restrictions, and I am very happy about it. I love "live", classroom studies, when the city is not only on the screen, but also outside the windows, and you are trying to see the city in a new light with the eyes of your young, enthusiastic students.

Come to St. Petersburg, to our University – it will be invaluable experience for you, and maybe your lifelong love!"