SPbU welcomes international students


Each year, SPbU welcomes dozens of international students who come to study at the University under exchange educational programmes from its university-partners abroad. September 5 is the beginning of an academic year for 95 undergraduate and graduate students to study management from France, Germany, Czech, and India to name but a few.

During the semester, international students will visit lectures and seminars in English followed by tests and exams to be taken together with the Russian students.  The students, however, who have proved their competency in Russian at the B2 level in CEFR, can choose disciplines taught in Russian. Those who complete a semester at the University will be given a transcript which provides information about disciplines, grades and total score in ECTS and SPbU system.

The end of August saw a “Fresher’s Week” specially designed for new-comers: students will visit landmarks at St Petersburg, get around the city and University. It is supported by volunteers, student from SPbU who will attend and advise international students during the semester. Exchange programmes encourage students to acquire practical skills in cross-cultural communication, said Tatyana Sverbeykina, SPbU graduate in Management. 


“I have decided to be a volunteer for it is an excellent opportunity to meet new people and socialize as well as to get bright impressions”, — she said. — Yesterday I met a student from Finland, who turned out to speak perfect Russian. In September we are waiting a student from Germany. When you meet exchange programme students, to my mind, you have an excellent opportunity to brush up your English. Personally, I have never participated in exchange programmes, although I could have done it, nevertheless I decided to pursue my education in SPbU as I was following a new and unique programme”.

Seniour students at SPbU can also take part in exchange programmes in the leading business schools abroad.  SPbU collaborates with London School of Economics and Political Science, Stockholm School of Economics, Vienna University of Economics and Business, École des Hautes Études Commerciales de Paris, and University of Sydney Business School to name but a few.


Info: Over the last 5 years, there is a 1.5 increase in the number of international students  in Management. Each year, SPbU welcomes about 150 students in Management from business schools abroad to pursue undergraduate and graduate programmes.

Since 2008, Graduate School of Management at SPbU has been ranked first among the Russian business schools, according to Eduniversal, and since 2012 Eduniversal, three times in a row, acknowledges GSOM as the leading business school in Western Europe.